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Indoor Setting - Water Mist versus Powder Extinguisher

JFG water mist extinguishers can offer significant advantages in extinguishing small fires in indoor settings.

Please click on this link to see a short series of videos to see the difference.

To Protect and Improve the Environment JFG Water Mist is the answer.

At some time during the next 18 months, the fire industry is expecting a total ban on AFFF Foam for use in extinguishers. This is leading end users to look for environmentally friendly alternatives to meet their day-to-day fire risks.=

JFG Water Mist extinguishers provide an awesome response to fill the gap left behind by AFFF foam extinguishers for many everyday indoor scenarios. These multipurpose extinguishers provide a safer way to put out fires using minimal amounts of deionized water with little or no collateral damage.

Click on this link to watch a training video of the water mist extinguishers in action on classes A,B,F and Electrical Fires.

Date of posting: – 25/02/2024

Electrical Conductivity on Water Based Fire Extinguishers.

Jewel Fire Group is unequivocal in confirming that any of our water-based extinguishers that have passed the electrical conductivity test, and are marked accordingly, are safe to use on live electrical equipment up to 1000V at 1 metre.

Please click here for more information

Date of posting: – 30/11/2023

Click on this link to watch a training video of the water mist extinguishers in action on Electrical Fires.

Introducing new Stainless Steel Water Mist

Jewel is now producing a new 6L stainless steel water mist extinguisher to add to our unique E Series water mist family.

The extinguisher combines the outstanding performance and versatility of our 6l water mist extinguisher with the pleasing aesthetic appearance suitable for more modern furnishings.

For more information on this product please click on the following link

View Datasheet

Date of posting: – 05/06/2020

Jewel Fire Group is delighted to introduce a new and stylish plastic stand to the market.

This superb modern design allows the stand to be bought in a flatpack status for easy assembly. Multiple units can then be made into doubles, triples or quadruples depending on customer needs. The stand can accommodate all sizes of extinguishers and has room for portrait or landscape ID signs too. These units take up much less room and allow for easy transportation by engineers in the Fire Trade.

Please click on the video below to see how this stand is assembled and highlighting the many benefits that it can provide.

Jewel Fire Group has moved to a new building in Rotherham

Jewel has completed its move to a new purpose built manufacturing and distribution centre in Rotherham. This exciting project included substantial new investment in our refurbishing unit for c02 cylinders.

There is extra capacity in the warehouse racking allowing the company to hold significantly higher levels of stock. In addition, there is ample yard space and the company has also built a new Fire Testing centre to help us to facilitate our new product developments going forward.

Date of posting: – 10/03/2019

Baby water mist gets ratings boost

Our popular 1l water mist extinguisher has been given a ratings boost. Still in the original 2l cylinder but with the addition of 0.4L of de ionized water
the new 1.4l water mist will replace the 1l version. It has successfully passed and achieved fire ratings 5A, 8B, 5F and is safe for use on fires involving electrical equipment.

The extinguisher is ideal for use in caravans, small boats, kitchens, cafes, fish and chip shops, taxis, ambulances and other mobile food outlets.

Unlike using powder and foam extinguishers this multi-purpose pure water extinguisher minimises collateral damage giving greater protection to your property and valuable items
and it requires much less cleaning time to get back up and running if you do have a fire.

To view the datasheet for this special extinguisher click on the download datasheet link on this site.

Date of posting: – 10/02/2019

New name. New branding. Renewed commitment to excellence.

Smarter, more focused and more dedicated than ever to delivering excellence across the fire safety sector – we’ve changed for the better. Jewel Saffire is now Jewel Fire Group. New logo. New brand look. New website. New catalogue. Renewed commitment to equipping you with the highest quality fire products, services and value-adding support.

MED Approval 2Kg and 5Kg CO2 New

Completing a two-year project to acquire this important approval for the marine industry Jewel Fire Group can confirm that we have now added both our 2Kg and 5Kg CO2 new fire extinguishers to our list of products that now carry this approval. This makes our range of marine approved extinguishers one of the largest in the industry ensuring that our trade customers can sell into this sector.

To view the whole list of MED approved products please click on the approvals section in the website … View Approvals

Date of posting: – 02/03/2018

2L Foam Fire Rating upgrade

We have recently improved our Kitemarked 2l Foam extinguisher fire rating from 5A to 8A. Ideal for use in homes cars and smaller vehicles this important change will allow our trade customers to meet the requirements necessary to sell these extinguishers into the public sector where better improved fire-fighting performance is of paramount importance.

Date of posting: – 05/03/2018

MED Approval 3L and 6L Water Mist

The marine industry has been telling us for some time that our water mist extinguishers would be an ideal fire-fighting solution for their sector.

Responding to this demand Jewel Fire Group is delighted to confirm that we have now added both our 3L and 6L Water Mist fire extinguishers to our list of products that now carry this approval. This is another first for the groups ground breaking multi-purpose Water Mist extinguisher range.

To view the whole list of MED approved products please click on the approvals section in the website … View Approvals

Date of posting: – 07/03/2018