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Water Mist and Small Alcohol Fires.

Jewels water mist is the ideal solution for extinguishing small fires caused by alcohol combusting. Many of the hand sanitizers that we all relied upon during the covid pandemic contain high levels of alcohol. AFFF Foam extinguishers can extinguish the flame but there is a high risk of re-ignition. The exceptional cooling power of the water mist prevents re-ignition. Low alcohol foams have also been used to extinguish the fire, but you are still left with a messy cleaning up operation.

The impending ban on AFFF foams is likely in the next 18 months and so customers are looking for a cleaner and safer alternative.

Please click on the below videos to see how the water mist extinguisher extinguishes the fire without the mess.


1l Water Mist extinguishes fuse box fire at House.

Jewels 1l water mist product was a potential life saver when extinguishing a fire which was developing in a fuse box at a residential property.

A smart meter had been incorrectly installed in the house. The wires were not connected tightly enough and were too close to a gas pipe.

All electrics installed should be a minimum of at least 6 inches away from any gas pipe.

The smart meter wires were arcing and touching the gas pipe. In the end they burnt a hole in the gas pipe which ignited and caused a fire.

The owner of the property had bought a 1l water mist extinguisher and used it successfully to extinguish the fire before it got worse and prevented what could have been a major escalation of the fire with catastrophic consequences.

6l Water Mist extinguishes fire on Fuse Box at Castle Howard Estates

Jewels 6l water mist product was used to extinguish a fire in the main fuse box area at Castle Howard Estates.

A significant fire had started in the fuse box in the main joiner’s room at the estate. This was 3 Phase 415 volts.

Castle Howard Estates have been using the water mist extinguishers for the last 10 years to better protect valuable works of art.

The versatility of this multi risk extinguisher was magnified as it easily dealt with the electrical fire in a safe way with minimal collateral damage.

The City of London Corporation

The City of London Corporation, is one of the oldest government bodies in the world, with the most diverse portfolio of any local authority covering the world financial district of the square mile, largest entertainment complex in Europe, its own police force, schools, universities, social housing, 1200 acres of parkland and 12 major historic building, including the Lord Mayor of London’s home, Mansion House, The Old Bailey and Guild Hall to name but a few. So at all times fire safety is high on our agenda. To date, The City police and schools have all befitted from the use of the Water Mist extinguishers.

With a total of 900 properties, The City of London fire safety department is committed to reconciling it’s portable firefighting equipment to use 6 l Water Mist Extinguishers. The decision was due to the products ease of use, flexibility and the prevention of any confusion by persons making an incorrect selection of Extinguisher. With the safe use of the Water Mist on electrical appliances we negate the need to have additional CO2 extinguishers’. It is the preferred choice of the Corporation based on our own risk assessments.

Terence Short GIFireE
Fire Safety Advisor
Operations Group
City Surveyor’s Department (3.6)
City of London

University College London

The water-mist extinguisher was recently used by us at a UCL student flat fire in Kentish Town.

When the colleges Fire Safety Manager was made aware of a fire in a flat in one of the UCL Halls of Residence by other flat occupants, he quickly collected two Water Mist extinguishers from the UCL main hall and ran across the road to the flat in question to try to extinguish the fire prior to the Fire Brigade arriving. He reported that our Water Mist Extinguisher worked very effectively on getting quick control of the fire.

The fire which involved a large cardboard box containing various plastic items and polystyrene, was generating a flame of approximately 1m in height and 70cm in width.

Ordinarily, UCL would not expect its staff to attempt to tackle a fire of this size especially when considering the amount of smoke that it had generated,

This gives us confidence that for a smaller fire, the Water Mist extinguisher can work very well.

As with all extinguishers small flaming particles and embers are sometimes present in the air. However, the reasonably large spray/mist pattern of the Water Mist extinguisher proved to control that eventuality effectively.

Furthermore, the function of turning the fine micro-droplets within the Extinguisher into steam to quench and absorb the heat from the fire worked well (though a lot of steam was created as a result). I would therefore advise that users keep low to the ground and away from the hot steam generated during extinguishment.

Overall, approximately half of the Water Mist Extinguisher contents were used to bring the fire under complete control which was quite impressive.

Simon Cooke MIFireE
UCL Fire Safety Manager
Safety Services
UCL Estates

Blaze Fire Safety

I have the Water Mist Extinguisher in 20 stately homes that I look after including Castle Howard, Harewood House and Carlton Towers. With its quick fire knock down, smoke suppression, ease of use, environmental safety, lightness and suitability to all types of fire, the Water Mist really is impressive. However, it’s big win is the very little collateral damage it causes to art works and antiques etc in the event of a fire. For instance, in a recent incident in one of the houses a log rolled out of an open fire and was put out with the Water Mist before it damaged the floor.

So confident am I of the product I recently started to get schools to change over on to them. Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster has recently been fitted with the Water Mist Extinguisher. Recently, a car with an engine fire was put out quickly by the school caretaker using a Water Mist.

I do a free extinguisher survey and recommend that Water Mist goes into all high risk (e.g kitchens) areas or high value areas (e.g. antiques). With factories, large engineering companies, charities, food manufacturers all part of my portfolio of clients, the Water Mist means little clean up after use, ensuring minimal down time on production. As no chemicals are required or used, the process of cleaning up in the event of a fire is simple and easy.

I recommend that any “in date” conventional extinguishers in high risk areas be moved to other areas and replaced with the Water Mist.

As conventional extinguishers in my client portfolio become out of date they tend to be replaced by a Water Mist (usually for 1 Water/ Foam & 1 CO2). I have customers that have halved their extinguisher numbers. One factory went from 44 conventional extinguishers to 22 Water Mist.

I also recommend and have sold many of the 1 litre Water Mist for home use.

Paul Gee
Managing Director
Blaze Fire Safety

E Series ensures no alarms at Snoozebox

Snoozebox provides high-speed, high-spec temporary accommodation solutions, including modular hotels. When a guest in one of its dining marquees put a croissant inside a toaster, disaster was averted by one of our high-speed, high-spec E Series Water Mist extinguishers. Here’s how.

The only casualty was the croissant

There are easier ways to start a fire than by putting a croissant in a toaster. But not that many. Happily for all concerned, both a trained member of Snoozebox’s staff and an E Series Water Mist extinguisher were on hand to prevent the situation getting out of hand. The fire was put out quickly, safely and with minimum alarm.

“It was really too big for the toaster and soon caught fire,” noted Tom Dodson, Project Manager at Snoozebox. “Fortunately, we had equipped the marquee with a water mist fire extinguisher that safely smothered the flames without causing any damage to the room – which may not have been the case if we had installed a foam or powder extinguisher. And amazingly, after we had it inspected and PAT tested, the toaster was put back into service!”

Harry Dewick-Eisele, Managing Director of Safelincs, who supplied the product, explained that “water mist extinguishers have a supersonic nozzle that disperses microscopic ‘dry’ water mist particles to suppress fires and extinguish burning materials quickly and easily. They can be used on just about every type of fire and are 100% environmentally friendly, so there are no nasty fumes or residues to contend with, and the water mist protects the user from heat.”

Forward-thinking safety from a forward-thinking company

It is no surprise that Snoozebox equips its accommodation with the groundbreaking E Series Water Mist extinguishers. The innovative company offers flexible hotel configurations from 40 to 400 rooms, which can be ready to welcome guests within 48 hours of arriving at almost any event or location around the world. Self-contained and with no need for mains services or flat terrain to be sited, the units are used at major sporting events and music festivals, by film and TV crews and military personnel, and for emergency and disaster relief situations.