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Water Mist Extinguishers

Why is Water Mist safe to use on Electrical Fires?++

We use de – ionized water which contain no ions that can conduct electricity. In addition, the water mist is discharged in very tiny droplets so there is no straight line of water that can allow electricity to pass through it. Finally, in a real fire the tiny droplets turn to steam and do not form any kind of pool of water that might then come back to the user on the ground in a straight line.

Why is Water Mist safe to use on Fat Fires?++

The water mist extinguishers have been tested to put out fat fires. The flashback when the water mist first hits a fat fire is quickly controlled as the cooling effect of the water mist reduces the temperature of the fire and turns it into steam. It is important to continue to discharge all of the content of the extinguisher after the fire has been extinguished and to turn off the fuel source in order to prevent re ignition.

Can you put Antifreeze in Water Mist Extinguishers?++

The water mist extinguishers have not been tested with antifreeze. The fire ratings achieved will most likely deteriorate with anti- freeze in the extinguisher. We do not recommend using antifreeze in the extinguisher. You can protect the extinguishers from low temperatures by storing them in an extinguisher cabinet.

Why is the Class B symbol not shown on the front of our water mist extinguishers?++

EN-3 is an old standard and when it was written water mist as a medium did not exist. It needs to be updated to reflect changes in extinguisher development. Class B relates to flammable liquids and the water mist extinguishers were not designed to achieve high class B ratings like AFFF Foams. So the Class B ratings fall short of the EN-3 standard and that’s why we cannot show the symbol on the front.

However put yourself in a real fire situation. The minimum Class B rating for a 6l extinguisher is 113B our water mist rating is 21B. No one would be expected to or should attempt to put out a fire with such a high B rating (75 litres of flammable liquid).

Most importantly our water mist extinguishers have been tested and do put out smaller Class B fires the size of which a member of the public may decide to use to protect their means of escape and property. Ask yourself if there really is a Class B risk inside your premises when you compare these extinguisher to AFFF Foam?

Trade Counter

What time is your trade counter open for business?++

Our Trade counter is open for business from 8-30 am to 5-00pm daily.

Can our order be ready for collection when we arrive?++

It can be ready for when you arrive but we do need you to tell us when you are coming so we can have the items packed and paperwork ready.

If you arrive unannounced and without having placed an order please allow up to 20 minutes to let us process and pick the order.


Do you refill the larger type CO2 cylinders?++

Jewel no longer offers any refilling services on CO2 extinguishers.

Extinguisher Collection and Disposal

Do you charge for the collection of scrap?++

There is a charge to collect your old extinguisher so that we can cover the cost of collection and disposal of its contents in the appropriate way and to provide you with the necessary paperwork you will need.

Do you collect loose extinguishers?++

We can offer this service but it is more expensive to have them collected loose and collection dates are longer. If you can put them on a pallet or inside a cage then this will save you money and shorten the time for us to collect them within 48 hours.

Do you collect Halon Extinguishers?++

We can offer this service but it is very expensive to do this as Halon is now a banned substance.

Do you collect cardboard or Pallets?++

We don’t collect either.

Do you collect any other scrap items like old computers?++

We don’t collect any other scrap. We only collect your old fire extinguishers.

Cash for Cans

How quickly can we receive the payment from you after collection?++

We are collecting extinguishers all over the country daily but in terms of them coming back to us this happens less frequently so you should allow up to two weeks for us to complete the paperwork trail and credit your account or cash for cans card.

Do you offer cash for steel CO2 cylinders with a tapered valve?++

Our scheme applies only to aluminium cylinders with a parallel valve. We can collect your old CO2 extinguishers if they are steel but we will not pay you for them?

Personalised Extinguishers

What are the minimum quantities involved in this service?++

To have your own logo on the extinguishers there is a minimum quantity and this will be dictated by the size of the extinguisher and how many can be put on a pallet.

Please contact your personal account manager or our sales team for more information 01709 703223.

Other Questions

Can we use other suppliers foam to refill your foam extinguishers?++

Our foam is manufactured in the UK and contains special corrosion resistance inhibitors. Other suppliers use foam manufactured outside the UK and may not contain corrosion resistance inhibitors so should not be used to refill our foam extinguishers.

Can you refurbish Powder Foam and Water Extinguishers?++

We do not offer a refurbishing service for non CO2 extinguishers. This is because there are differences in extinguisher performance based on the contents of the agents that are inside the extinguishers and they can vary enormously.

CO2 gas on the other hand is standard across the UK for all manufacturers.

Does Jewel service and maintain fire extinguishers?++

Jewel does not offer a service to commission or to service and maintain fire extinguishers. However our customers in the Fire Trade can offer this service. Please contact us if you would like this service and we can recommend our customers closest to your area that you can contact for a quotation.

Can Jewel offer Fire Risk Assessments?++

Jewel does not offer Fire Risk Assessments as a service. However many of our customers in the Fire Trade have the expertise and are qualified to offer this service. Please contact us if you require this advice and we can recommend our customers closest to your area that you can contact for a quotation.